Noah Puzzle Desk


The Puzzle Desk is the perfect addition to your home for all ages.


Easy to assemble!
Our signature Noah Desk is super easy to assemble! Forget the need for tools, Allen keys, drills or screws and slots together in minutes.

The simple, clever design makes it a perfect addition to any area of your home. Simply open the packaging, assemble the pieces in minutes and voila – you have a stylish, simple and sturdy addition to your home or office


Available in a range of finishes and colours.

The Noah has two shelves and a cable access hole.  Shelves are optional – install one, two or neither – whatever works best for your set up.


Storage of the puzzle desk is also incredibly simple – disassemble, slide under the bed, in the shed or a cupboard – and once again, no need to remember where you’ve stored the fixings – there aren’t any!


108cm L x 102cm H x 58cm D
Height to top of desk: 70cm | Shelf depths: 12cm and 18.5cm 


Weight: 20kg (mdf) - 24kg (ply) packaged 

Please note: lead time - up to 4 weeks, please note - no orders dispatched between 18th December and 20th January.