Melb. Design Co is proudly based in Melbourne Australia where all of our products are designed and professionally crafted

Melb. Design Co was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic. As two Mums and dynamic businesswomen, we saw the need for compact, family-friendly furniture that adjusts and caters to the ever-changing needs of Australian households. With extensive professional backgrounds in commercial building and shopfitting, we both have a strong passion for Australian Design and Manufacturing.

Our first product was the ‘Puzzle Desk’. A compact and easy to ‘assemble – disassemble’ desk. Designed as a Home-School friendly and Work from Home solution, the practical and fast-selling piece has now sparked an entire collection of furniture that slides together with no need for tools or screws. Cut from sheet MDF and PLY using CNC machinery in our Thomastown factory, the puzzle range simply comes together from flat pieces in less than two minutes and pulls apart for effortless storage under a bed or in a cupboard.

We are now expanding our range to include exciting and unique pieces. Our ‘Little People’ collection includes round tables and stools, as well as sustainable Victorian Ash timber blocks and shapes. These beautifully crafted wooden toys and furniture sets are infused with our playful spirit. These new ranges are ideal for gifting to new parents, small children or styling your home.

Melb. Design Co is proudly based in Melbourne Australia where all of our products are designed and professionally crafted.

Zoe Lawson + Sarah Ryding
Co Founders of Melb. Design Co