Frankie Lap Table



The ultimate easy to use, portable table - whether you need a stand on your Olive Desk, are working from the couch, dining table or bed (come on we all have during Covid), the compact, modern and stylish Frankie Lap Table holds your computer, tablet, book and other essentials with ease. The side rests hold a coffee cup perfectly.


Easy to assemble
Incorporating our signature puzzle design the Frankie Lap Table is super easy to assemble. Forget the need for tools, Allen keys, drills or screws!  The simple, clever design makes it a perfect addition to any room in your home.

Simply open the packaging, assemble the pieces in minutes and voila –stylish, simple and sturdy!


Available in MDF or PLY finishes.

Storage of the Frankie Lap table is also incredibly simple – disassemble, slide alongside your couch, under the bed, or a cupboard – and once again, no need to remember where you’ve stored the fixings – there aren’t any!


Dimensions: 780L x 310W x 190H
Weight: 1.2kg


Lead time: 2 weeks, orders placed from 20 November are not dispatched until 20 January 2023.