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The Launch of Melb. Design. Co

The Launch of Melb. Design. Co

Thursday, 16 July 2020


Melb. Design Co was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic. As two Mums and dynamic businesswomen, they saw the need for compact, family-friendly furniture that adjusts and caters to the ever-changing needs of Australian households. With extensive professional backgrounds in commercial building and shopfitting, both have a strong passion for Australian Design and Manufacturing.  Creating a retail brand for their products, made in house at i4 Design and Construction, provided the opportunity to expand past the commercial joinery the company has professionally executed for some time.

Their first product was the incredible ‘Puzzle Desk’. A compact and easy to ‘assemble disassemble’ desk. Designed as a Home-School friendly and Work from Home solution. The practical and fast-selling piece has now sparked an entire collection of furniture that slides together with no need for tools or screws. Cut from sheet MDF and PLY using CNC machinery in their Thomastown factory, the puzzle range simply comes together from flat pieces, in minutes it can be assembled-disassembled in minutes for effortless storage under a bed or in a cupboard.

“We wanted to evoke a sense of play with our unique designs. We’re working parents, so each piece needs to be practical, easily moveable and of course, aesthetically pleasing.”

The sturdy yet lightweight designs can be moved around the modern Australian home as needed, while the minimalist design adds style and a contemporary feel to any room. The Puzzle range now comprises a bed, bedside, bench seat storage table, bookshelf and desk/dressing table.

“We think these contemporary designs will be a great addition to any home.”

Their sense of play and a feeling of optimism drive a bold and confident use of colour and materials, producing interesting and surprising silhouettes that hold timeless appeal. The primary colourways on offer – white, grey, black, red, blue and yellow, inspire confident use of colour in the home.

“We played around with bold primary colours, texture and materials to create functional pieces that can grow with you and your family.”

As they now expand their offering to include a range of objects and accessories such as the Little People collection of round table and stools, as well as beautifully crafted sustainable Victorian Ash timber blocks and shapes, they continue infusing their playful spirit into the brand. These new ranges are ideal for gifting to new parents, small children or styling your home.

As these two women continue to grow their range of furniture, objects and accessories out of a combination of practical necessity and design-conscious design development, expect to see more practical, durable and beautiful pieces suitable for all Australian households.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Sarah Ryding, 0488 480 015